October 2018

🔹Monday 1 Oct - wind, beach ride, windsurfing, blog, Etang closed, rowers
🔹Tuesday 2 Oct - wind, stay put, clouds, havoc, ducks, crepes, noisy singers
🔹Wednesday 3 Oct - away, Etang Canal, BIRDS, windy, flytent, horses, Gallician
🔹Thursday 4 Oct - big boats, Petit Rhone, Fourques mooring, Arles, theatres
🔹Friday 5 Oct - the Rhone, Tarascon, Vallabrègues, Aramon, swim, weather
🔹Saturday 6 Oct - Avignon, Avignon Ecluse, chateaus, l’Ardoise, Dexter3
🔹Sunday 7 Oct - Caderousse, snails, St Etienne, Bollene, Donzere Gap, Viviers
🔹Monday 8 Oct - rain, stay put, Bateau Ecole, liftout, walk, meringue, Lord Byron
🔹Tuesday 9 Oct - up early, Lippy, ecluses, Cruas, swans, whales, Valence, gazole
🔹Wednesday 10 Oct - quiet, swans, extension cord, Lyon Port, re-plan trip north
🔹Thursday 11 Oct - taxi, train, bike ride, snake, squirrel, extend booking, blog
🔹Friday 12 Oct - sunny, windy, draft-proofing, blog, yacht, sunset
🔹Saturday 13 Oct - Em 43, washing, windy, drying inside, cormorants, blog
🔹Sunday 14 Oct - sunny, very windy, reinforcing, flying swans, Rita, McFerrin
🔹Monday 15 Oct - no wind, heater, Tournon, walk, starlings, van Gogh, views
🔹Tuesday 16 Oct - Condor, gravel, Condrieu, no beer, Isle of Wight, jumping fish
🔹Wednesday 17 Oct - fall, sunny, Lyon, Saone, rowers, mooring, drinks, ducks
🔹Thursday 18 Oct - sunny, mast, Jassens, bike ride, mayors, chateau, swans
🔹Friday 19 Oct - quarry, barn, critters, bollards, Macon, port, cafe, Audrey
🔹Saturday 20 Oct - foggy, Wentworth, Weldom, town ride, canoes, sun, Barnesy
🔹Sunday 21 Oct - up late, grey skies, Dijon train, glue and clamp mast, sunset
🔹Monday 22 Oct - clear, freshening breeze, fix mast, straps, McFerrin
🔹Tuesday 23 Oct - sunny, mast flags, tjalk arrival, sit on deck, deep red sunset
🔹Wednesday 24 Oct - sunny, windows, TMG, Avanti, Rita, moon&canoes
🔹Thursday 25 Oct - kingfisher, misty, birds, Pont de Vaux, Chalon, Gergy, moon
🔹Friday 26 Oct - Seurre, St Jean de Losne, Saint Symphorien, Auxonne at last
🔹Sat 27 Oct to Mon 29 Oct - Settling in to Auxonne
🔹Tues 30 Oct to Wed 31 Oct - A Visit to Bern