August 2018

🔹Wednesday 1 Aug - PnP, pans, covers, bunting, up Tarn, nameplates, canicule
🔹Thursday 2 Aug - pans, OfficeWorks, Amazon, up Tarn, Lauzerte, cameraman
🔹Friday 3 Aug - Hot August Night, pans, Hilda May, Irene’s, Sunbeam, dinner
🔹Saturday 4 Aug - AFL, Hilda May handover, showers, bugler, Andre, Parvis
🔹Sunday 5 Aug - Code Orange, bouchon, Barcelona, Ruth, Cucugnan, the Mill
🔹Monday 6 Aug - walk, Queribus, train rouge, Galamus, Rennes le Bain, Moissac
🔹Tuesday 7 Aug - move pans, rehearsal, more boats, La Depeche, pre-pre-party
🔹Wednesday 8 Aug - more rehearsals, MusicenZone, pre-party, FreeMobile SIM
🔹Thursday 9 Aug - storm, leaks, rehearsals, soundcheck, Evelyn’s 50th, Rhi
🔹Friday 10 Aug - D-Day, practice, crook, welcome, Arts, Mayors, Le Sunbeam
🔹Saturday 11 Aug - AFL, Petanque, Up-Tarn Flotilla, Parvis Concerts, Drinks
🔹Sunday 12 Aug - Big Tosser, Code Orange, down the Tarn flotilla, Finale
🔹Monday 13 Aug - exhale, USB, leavers, Dexter, ICC, rainbow, Gambiers, sunset
🔹Tuesday 14 Aug - blog, Pomme de Mer, L’Escapade, waterbomb, Damazan
🔹Wednesday 15 Aug - maintenance, canoe, Dexter, tour boat, bugs, squatters
🔹Thursday 16 Aug - Toulouse, Matilda, St Andre, charger, covers, Lauzerte
🔹Friday 17 Aug - Rhi to Nice, kill switch, mirror and bag, Buzet wine, St Nicolas
🔹Saturday 18 Aug - last day, a day of logistics, farewell drinks, waterfall
🔹Sunday 19 Aug - diesel leak, loose connection, Montech, snake, Don and Laura
🔹Monday 20 Aug - Prefecture meeting, gas bottle, Audrey, Deupentale, sunset
🔹Tuesday 21 Aug - early start, long boring day, Toulouse locks, beer & sleep
🔹Wednesday 22 Aug - Montauban, receipt, Hodi, enter drydock, wait overnight
🔹Thursday 23 Aug - drydocking, Montauban, Phil, bag, gift, ICC, Le Chatelet
🔹Friday 24 Aug - sleep in, bike ride, St Jean de Losne, Harleys, cat, Auxonne
🔹Saturday 25 Aug - cool, Dole, Peter&Judy, rain, Bessain, AFL, walk to farm
🔹Sunday 26 Aug - good sleep, Hèrisson Falls walk, relax with goats, Lac, Besain
🔹Monday 27 Aug - TUTI books, Carcassonne, Ruth’s pans, pop-riveter, Bistro
🔹Tuesday 28 Aug - drydock, Tarascon, Gudanes, Garanou, Andorra, Barcelona
🔹Wednesday 29 Aug - Barca walk, Gaudy, tapas, busker, temple tour, ChiCha
🔹Thursday 30 Aug - beach, harbour, soccer girl, bedhead, Guell Gardens, dinner
🔹Friday 31 Aug - which Terminal, Ruthless, Montserrat, Mass, Roses, pool