August 2017

🔹Tuesday 1 August - P’n’P, Belleperche Abbey, Moissac, wifi, AFL
🔹Wednesday 2 August - fall, Pipers, Melbourne, Tarn, St Maurin, tombola
🔹Thursday 3 August - shoes, swim, AFL, towed boats, Tübingen Abbey Concert
🔹Friday 4 August - hot, planning permit, AFL, Auvillar, St Antonin Ball, late drive
🔹Saturday 5 August - cool and overcast, deck scrubbing, Don&Laura, rally cars
🔹Sunday 6 August - Bernie 70th, AFL, deck, John & Itene, Rothery
🔹Monday 7 August - sore head, St Nicolas gig, swim, Fish’n’Chips, Kouba
🔹Tuesday 8 August - overnight rain, Weldoms, rope, planks, Puycornet, parents
🔹Wednesday 9 August - cool, tourism mtgs, Lacen, Raph, ladder, St Maurin, Rovi
🔹Thursday 10 August - cool, diesel, l'Escapade, saws, rain, drinks, dinner
🔹Friday 11 August - sunny, JBs, Nico to Agen, saws, drydock, river walk, lazing
🔹Saturday 12 August - camera class, K&I house, gangplank, Brassy Girls, walker
🔹Sunday 13 August - AFL, flathead, gangplank, Cacor swim, soft sunset
🔹Monday 14 August - Barnaby, OFX, yachts, St Louis, Lac Molieres, reflections
🔹Tuesday 15 August - overnight rain, volets, more rain, Puycornet, Damazan
🔹Wednesday 16 August - Renault, bin, La Pigeonaire, lightwell, Jack & Sanne
🔹Thursday 17 August - atelier, PVC, Velcro, generator, Golfech, swim, sunset, Ali
🔹Friday 18 August - boulangerie, Anna, solar, Agen moorings, rain, Phillipot
🔹Saturday 19 August - power, AFL-finito, petanque, Workers, French singing
🔹Sunday 20 August - mist, fishermen, Buzet, sweet mooring, crime-scene
🔹Monday 21 August - shady, Sebastian, Fêtes website, generator, swim, boche
🔹Tuesday 22 August - Fêtes Newsletter, Damazan, Aussies, Market, singing
🔹Wednesday 23 August - OFX, Villeton, Roger, drinks, Larry, petanque, lightning
🔹Thursday 24 August - scrubbing, lock delay, hope, piledriving, flute, Fourques
🔹Friday 25 August - Coussan, Phil&Terrie, lunch, Garonne, pool, skittles, dinner
🔹Saturday 26 August - farmhouse, Meilhan, lil boat, S&C, generator fix
🔹Sunday 27 August - cooler, Undoing Project, ride to Fontet, short swim, storm
🔹Monday 28 August - still, to Fontet, bananas, bridge mooring, swim, leaves
🔹Tuesday 29 August - hot, cool, generator, bridge-bombing, standup, petanque
🔹Wednesday 30 August - rain forecast, no Bordeaux, generator, petanque
🔹Thursday 31 August - Marysville 2019, la Reole, Hure, Fontet Night Market